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اساسنامه بنیاد خیریه پیمان

Paiman Charity Foundation Stadgar SV

Paiman Charity Foundation Statutes Eng

اهداف اساسی این بنیاد

د پیمان خیریه بنسټ اساسی موخې

جنتری یا تقویم سال ۱۳۹۷

Calendar 1397 paimanfoundation 200

د پیمان خیریه بنسټ په یوټیوب کی

د پیمان خیریه بنسټ په فیسبک کی

د پیمان خیریه بنسټ دفتر د پل علم په مرکز کی فعال شو

AA 200

اوقات کار:
هر روزه از ساعت ۹ صبح
الی ۳ عصر

آدرس: دفتر بنیاد خیریه پیمان
دارالعلوم محمدی ولایت لوگر

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Paiman Charity Foundation 2017 200The Paiman Charity Foundation Assistance Project was founded in 2014 in the province of Lawgar, Afghanistan. Behind the project stands Mohammad Shah Paiman, whose roots are in Afghanistan and now live in Sweden.

Mohammad Shah Paiman's desire is through the project to help the poorest Afghans with their most necessary needs to cope with their everyday lives. Below are five points that Mohammad Shah Paiman chooses to support.


• Help orphans with different expenses for clothes, school supplies and food outlets.

• Help widows with outlay for food, clothes and school supplies for her children.

• Help disabled people and sick children and adults with various expenses.

• Build water wells adjacent to schools, mosques and in rural areas.

• Support and educate educators in didactics and pedagogy inspired by Swedish and other good curricula in the world.


All forms of financial assistance are welcomed from all over the world. Sometimes so little is required to contribute so much to so many.

Mohammad Shah Paiman intends to assist Afghan citizens in the Lawgor province, regardless of the religious beliefs or ethnic grouping and tribal affiliation of the distressers.

All the time Mohammad Shah Paiman puts down on this project is done in his spare time, and he wants to live and act after the basic idea that all the inhabitants of a society should have a similar quality of life because he had the privilege of living in Sweden.

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انجنیرمحمد کبیر

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استاد تمهیدالله (سیلان) احمدزی

د پیمان د خیریه بنسټ مسوول په شرقی ولایتونوکی

جاندل مظلوم یار

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Safiullah Yosofzai 200صفی الله یوسفزی مسؤل کمیته مالی بنیاد خیریه پیمان

محمد شریف یوسفزی

Mohammad Sharif Yousafzai 200

محمد شریف یوسفزی عضو مالی بنیاد خیریه پیمان

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